Dec. 1940 The Japan Science Council reported then Government to recommend the policy to apply hard chrome plating on the low grade steel as the alternative to high grade one, such as special steel or high-speed steel, under the difficult external trade conditions to get them, the invention, Patent No.131175 (1937), “the method to deposit hard and thick metal chrome plating” by Minoru Araki, the former president of Company, being as the technical foundation. It was followed by the request to establish a specialized company of hard chrome plating (industrial chrome plating) from National Headquarters of Aviation, Sagami Arsenal, and customers,
  • Minoru Araki, Former President,
  • Hideo Fujita, Former Managing Director of Nichiro Fishery Co., Ltd.,
  • Yoshinosuke Ando, First President, Former Managing Director of Shoei Corp.,
  • Shinji Sogo, Former President of Japan National Railroad, and
  • Toyoji Tsumori, Former President of Toshiba Corp.
Got together to found the COMPANY at 7-35 Araijuku, Ota-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.
Dec. 1944 Through the arrangement by the National Aviation Headquarters, a branch factory was established at 2-11-19 Shinden Adachi-ku, Tokyo, where current headquarters plant is located, while it came under the supervision of the Aviation Headquarters, and of Ministry of Munitions later.
May 1945 Due to the loss from war damage, the headquarters plant moved to the branch plant in Adachi-ku.
May 1948 It was appointed as an authorized plant by the Industry Bureau of Tokyo.
Feb. 1949 We made an investment plan for the development of facilities, being financed from National Reconstruction Finance Corp., and completed the construction in September, 1949. Thus, we actually became qualified as a specialty company of industrial (hard) chrome plating.


June 1950 Got prize at the Tokyo Plating Technology Competition, awarded by the Mayor of Tokyo and Director of Industry Bureau of Tokyo. On August 24, got a first prize at the Japan Plating Competition, and awarded by the Minister of MITI.
June 1954 Research progressed further into wider application field of industrial chrome plating. Consequently, we succeeded in developing various rolls applications, so that they started prevailing in metal rolling, paper industry printing, and food industries. Thereby expanded facility to process these rolls, newly installed an over head crane.
June 1958 Established a long-term integrated construction plan and started the 1st phase. Constructed Incoming Power Room, doubled equipment, and expanded special factory for large and heavy products. During the 2nd phase of the plan in 1960, the 3rd in 1963, and the 4th in 1966, plants and equipment were expanded.
Jan. 1959 Former President, Minoru Araki made a two-month survey in the US on technology, facility and applications of industrial chrome plating.


Jan. 1963 President, Makoto Araki stayed in the US for one year to investigate plating technology and its applications.
Dec. 1964 Following the 3rd construction plan, requested from customers in Tokyo-Yokohama area, Yokohama Plant inauguration plan started in January 1964, completed in November, and started operations in December of the year.
Sept. 1965 When the Hard Chrome Platers Association of Japan (HCPAJ) introduced Excellent Factory Qualification System, both Headquarters Plant and Yokohama Plant were qualified as Excellent Factory.
Sept. 1967 On occasion that JIS indication system established for industrial chrome plating, based on the revision of Industry Standardization Law, applied for the standard and certified as the Japan Industry Standard (certification No. 367158).
Mar. 1968 Capital increased to JPY 50,000,000
June 1968 Constructed a factory dedicated for grinding in Headquarters Plant and installed 3 grinding machines there. In January 1969, expanded the factory and installed 2 grinding machines.
Oct 1969 Former President. Minoru Araki got a Blue ribbon Medal from the Emperor.


Oct. 1970 Former President, Shigeyoshi Nagata visited European countries for 1 month, surveying technology, facility, and applications of industrial chrome plating.
May 1971 Expanded and improved the waste water treatment facility in Headquarters Plant, and equipped with settling tanks etc.
July 1971 Expanded Grinding Factory in Headquarters Plant, added a large-sized Roll Grinder.
Aug. 1971 Added a factory dedicated for a large and heavy material in Yokohama Plant, enlarged the plating tank, and newly installed a 30 ton crane.
Apr. 1977 In Yokohama Plant, newly constructed a factory dedicated for industrial hard nickel alloy plating.


Feb. 1982 Patent Acquisition of No. 1084777 “Method to manufacture Mold for Continuous Casting of Steel”
May 1983 Installed the additional chrome plating facilities for Draw Die (metal mold for automotive body pressing), expanding Yokohama Plant.
July 1984 Installed additional 3 Roll Mirror Polishing Machines in the 2nd Factory in Yokohama Plant.
1984 Newly constructed a Mirror Polishing Factory in adjacent land to Headquarters Plant.
1988 Constructed a Mirror Polishing Factory in Yokohama Plant.
May 1989 Built the new factory Shikahama (Specialized grinding) and newly installed the large grinding machine made by Toshiba. Relocated four grinders there and expanded capability. Six machins are currently running.
June 1989 Initiated license provision to overseas manufacturers of chrome plating know-how’s on metal mold of automotive body press machines. Started the chromium plating Know how license supply to manufacturers of automobile body press dies in foreign countries.


Oct. 1990 Installed a Gate-Type Machining Center in Headquarters Plant.
Dec. 1992 Installed a Vertical Boring-Type Machining Center in Headquarters Plant.
Feb. 1993 Installed a Computer Controlled Large-sized Baking Furnace in Yokohama Plant.
Feb. 1995 Participated in the JV in Jakarta, “P.T. Horiguchi Engineering, Indonesia.”
Feb 1995 Established a JV in Michigan, USA, “DMI Automotive, Inc.”
June 1996 The plants of the two JV’s above started operations.
Jan. 1997 Invented Fluorine Coating on Cooling Roll for multi-layer plastic, and implemented Ni-Co alloy plating application.
Jan. 1998 Initiated maintenance of Inductive Heat Generation Rolls.
Aug. 1999 Patent Acquisition of No. 2963428 “Method to Manufacture Mold for Continuous Casting of Billets”


Apr. 2001 Designed a Powder-less Specification for Cooling Rolls for Laminate, and announced it at CMM Japan in Tokyo Big Site.
May 2002 Announced Powder-less Laminate Push-out in the May issue of Convertech Magazine.
Oct. 2002 Contracted partnership with TOKUDEN CO. LTD. on Inductive Power Generation on Jacket Roll.
Nov. 2002 Contracted partnership with SASAKURA ENGINEERING CO. LTD. on Heat-pipe-type Cooling Roll.
May 2003 Developed the technology to manufacture High-tension Rim-type Aluminum Rolls.
Apr. 2004 Exhibited newly developed technology at the 7th CMM JAPAN in Tokyo Big Site.
Sept 2006 Added the Industrial Hard Nickel facility in Headquarters Plant.
Added the Precision Cylindrical Grinder in Headquarters Plant.
Apr. 2007 Exhibited newly developed technology at the 8th CMM JAPAN in Tokyo Big Site.
Aug. 2007 Contracted with MARUBENI TEKMATEX Corp. on service provision.
Nov. 2007 Expanded Vertical Grinders, and Buffing Machines in Headquarters Plant.
Apr. 2008 Exhibited newly developed technology at the 18th Fine-tech Japan show in Tokyo Big site.
Apr. 2008 Exhibited newly developed technology at the 18th Fine-tech Japan show in Tokyo Big site.
Jun. 2008 Started to provide chromium, nickel, various spraying techniques and those equipments to overseas steel companies.
Sep. 2009 Mr. Hisashi Kawamura. Director, R&D Dept. got a Yellow Ribbon Medal from the Emperor.
Apr. 2011 Acquired the patent No.4667084. "The chromium ion supply method to trivalent chromium planting bath."
July. 2011 Displayed at "The film exhibition in Shanghai (China)"
July. 2011 Shanghai (China) Exhibited at the film exhibition
May 2013 Guangzh (China) Exhibited at Chinaplas
Apr. 2014 Shanghai (China) Exhibited at Chinaplas
May 2015 Guangzh (China) Exhibited at Chinaplas
Apr. 2016 Shanghai (China) Exhibited at Chinaplas
Feb. 2018 Exhibited new developed technologies at Covertec Japan 2018
Apr. 2018 Shanghai (China) Exhibited at Chinaplas

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